Child Protection:

The internet is an ever-growing network of information.dumbass-kid-on-his-macAlthough only a small percentage of it is accessible to us, what is available can be easily viewed by anyone, even younger users, which begs the question… Read more.



What is the cyber? As referred to by Donald Trump, the cyber is big. And is still growing, we must worry about cyber warfare as the youth have access to the cyber. Read more.


Roles in the Industry:owlboy

Each industry has a wide selection of job roles to apply for. I will be going through some of
the roles that interest me in the Games, Animation, and VFX industries and how people can go about applying for them. Read more.



Types of employment:uk-freelancer-confidence-soars-despite-predicted-economic-downturn

In each industry, there are several types of employments you can undergo. I will be discussing some for the GAVI and detail their trends, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Read more.




Business Types:business-VPN.jpg

There are various types of business structures within industries, and I wanted look at them more in-depth to get an idea of how they work. Read more.