EX5: Rotoscoping

What is Rotoscoping?:

Rotoscopes are the act of tracing over your footage frame by frame to separate something from the background to apply an effect on the desired area.


Why is it better to work with Image Sequences?:

We use image sequences as they allow you to work frame by frame as they are multiple images shown in an ordered sequence, whereas the .Mov file would have been the whole footage unchanged.
If we were to use .Mov files for this, it would be demanding on our system as instead of working on a couple of frames, it would be the entire file, which can cause many hiccups if we were to attempt it this way.

How I made mine:

First, I took the footage we were supplied with and then exported it from a .mov file to an image sequence (tiff). After opening it up in After Effects, I created an adjustment layer to add a colour correction effect that we call ‘cures’.

Afterwards I started to use the pen tool so I could draw around the subject’s head to make a mask, which could then be used to create a mask path, I made sure this worked by moving the mask after 1-3 frames at a time and readjusted its position to it would still cover the subject’s head.

After finishing that, I then did the same with the hands to challenge myself further, however I was only able to mask one of them.
Then exported the image sequence out as an .mp4 and uploaded it to YouTube.




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