Exercise 1 – Past Present and Future of Gaming Platforms (Part Two)

Research Report Current Hardware Technologies:

This is part 2 of the Gaming Platforms blog posts, and here I shall be discussing two of the biggest competitors in the game industry right now, Microsoft’s Xbox One and SONY’s PlayStation 4, and I shall be giving an in-depth analysis on their performances, hardware and be comparing them.

However, the PS4 Pro will not be mentioned, as at the time of writing Microsoft have not released their updated hardware.


PlayStation 4:


This is a console that was released in 2013 and was announced to be the successor to the PlayStation 3.

It features an APU (accelerated processing unit) by AMD and in theory has a peak performance of 1.84 teraflops, and makes use of a 2 quad-core processors that make for a total of 8 cores and is 1.6GHz.


The system memory is a total of 8 gigabytes of RAM, with a clock frequency of 2.75GHz, giving users the ability to perform more than one task, such as being able to suspend the current application to open up another, like the PlayStation Store, and has the storage space of 500GB at launch, but has since released more models with 1TB.

The system is capable of running at 1080p, and has since been upgraded to support 4K resolution, the console comes packaged with a HDMi cable and has a read-only optical drive capable of playing both regular DVDs and Blu-Rays, the system’s preferred format.


Xbox One:


The Xbox One is a computer game console developed by Microsoft and was made to be the successor to their previous console, the Xbox 360, like the PS4 it was also released in 2013, making for good competition.
The console contains an AMD APU that has a peak performance of 1.31 teraflops in extreme situations, and like the PS4 also contains two quad-core CPUs with a clockspeed of 1.75GHz.

The Xbox One has 8GB of RAM and is capable of running at a max clock frequency of 2.13GHz, which is very good for the use of multi-tasking on the system itself.
It also comes packaged with 500GB of space, but 138GB and more is taken up by the operating system and updates.

It supports 4K resolution output for films and shows, however for games they stuck to 900p, just a little less than 1080p, however reports show there aren’t any hardware restrictions that would stop the player at running the game in 4K.



Both are great consoles, however there are some minor differences, such as the PS4 being clocked at 1.6GHz, with the Xbox beating it at 1.75GHz, making it around 10% more powerful in terms of the processing power.

The PS4 runs their games at a 1080p output, whereas the Xbox only at 900p, beating it in this case, and the same goes for graphics, with the GPU for it at 1.84 teraflops, and the Xbox One only at 1.31 teraflops, making the PS4 better at graphics rendering.

Both consoles boast the same amount of RAM, mostly set for the operating system to make use of, but the developers have more RAM when developing for the Xbox One due to this, but only just by a little.


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