EXTRA: Maya Deformers

Bend Tool:

The ‘Bend tool’ is used for bending primitive shapes, these are useful for creating arches or bends for your model. A straight line behind the model shows the model as it were completely shown, whereas the curved line is showing the transformation taking place.











Flare Tool:

The ‘Flare tool’ is used to help scale the bottom half of your shape inside or out, creating a ‘flare effect’.








Sine Tool:

This is much like the ‘bend tool’ except it follows the rules of a sine graph curve. You can transform the shape by editing the amplitude and wavelength of the too. Like the ‘bend tool’ again, the straight like indicates how it would be completely straight whereas the wavy line is there to show you the results of your transformation if you were to scale it out.















Squash Tool:

This tool is used to scale your object from the top to the bottom.









Twist Tool:


This tool causes your object to rotate and create a drill effect, this can be used to create the bottom half of the lightbulb quite well.











Wave Tool:

This tool creates a water-like ripple effect in your model, the green wavy line indicates where the ripple will be.

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