EX3: Thor Hammer

This week we learned more about UV mapping, like how to do it, to use checkerboard textures and how to break down the 3D model into 2D nets to make mapping the textures more easy. As an example we were shown how to UV map and texture a die, then we were tasked with UV mapping our Thor hammers that we had made.


hammer undone

I created this hammer by changing the dimensions of a cuboid primitive, and then beveling the edges of it, to resemble the design of the actual hammer as closely as possible.


As we had to keep the poly count low for this model, to create the handle I extracted the bottom portion of the hammer and then used the edge loop tool to extrude the handle, as it is now detached, I was able to smooth it (3) without affecting the head.


On the edges of the hammer, you would have found 3 sided polygons, this can affect the lighting when rendering, so we had to make them into 4 sided polygons using the multi-cut tool, this allows us to add new edges to create new polygons (as can be seen above).


To UV map one of your models, you must open the UV editor in Maya. Once you have selected the model you want to map, you’re likely to come across a big mess of lines, it is up to you to cut and sew these lines into a net, to make the model easier to texture.

im screwed screwed screwed.png

Above is my finished net for the hammer, it appears messy but it gets the job done.


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