EX2: 2 Game-Ready and 2 Film-Ready models

This week’s task was to create 4 of our own models, 2 having a low poly count so they could work fine in a game, and 2 with higher poly counts as if they were in a 3D animation.


My first model was a group of mushrooms that vary in shape and size. I made the first mushroom from 2 cylinder shapes, and then duplicated the end results to spawn the other two.
Rick Screeny.png
My second model was of the character Rick from the show Rick and Morty. Despite being made up of simple shapes, this took much longer than it should have. As this was one of my first attempts at character modelling, I feel somewhat proud of the outcome, even though I can see it needs a lot of work.


fuckin house.png
For my first low-poly model, I chose to make a cartoon-styled house to be used in a game. To make this I started with a cube, split the edges and extruded. *place holder text, to be improved*
My final model was of a pine tree. I started with a cylinder primitive, and increased its height and radius. After decreasing the amount of subdivisions, I began lowering the tree’s edges and stretching them outwards, to create the tree branches.

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