EX1: Modelling a Dinner set

As an introduction to the unit we were taught multiple terms and their uses when it comes to 3D modelling. Such as what vertices, sides, faces and ngons are, and then learnt about a variety of texture maps, like diffuse maps, normal maps, bitmaps and displacement maps.

We then attempted to create a 3D model of the Pokemon, Weedle.




For our homework task this week, we were asked to create a 3D model of a crate.

cratey cratey.png
From using the extrude tool, I was able to create this from 2 cubes being stretched.


We then learned about some more tools that can be used in Maya, such as the edge loop tool and creating curve lines. As a result in the lesson I was able to produce a fork and a wine glass to go along with a full set that we’d have to provide for homework.

I was able to create this by making use of the edge loop and extrude tools, while using reference images to make the shape more accurate.

To create the wine glass, I used the curve tool and placed points all around a reference image of a wine glass.

At Home:

Our homework task this week was to finish the dinner set, I had to create a knife, spoon, plate and table to go along with the wine glass and fork I had made prior.

what're you gonna do, stab me.png
I made the knife similarly to how I modeled the fork, making use of the edge loop and extrude tools to fit the knife to the reference image.
play a game of knifey - spoony.png
Starting with a sphere, I then cut it in half and manipulated the result to get a spoon head, and then extruded it to create the handle, using edge loops to bend the handle so it fit the reference images.
To create the plate, I started with a cylinder and extruded its dimensions so it would be the shape of a plate including a dip in the center.

tabby tab.png
I felt confident enough creating the table without use of a tutorial, I made it through using a cube, and extruding the legs outwards, which was made possible with the edge loop tool.
dinny dins.png
This being the finished dining set, complete with all assets shown above.

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