EX7: 3D Bouncing Ball

For this task, we had to create a 3D application in Maya using the knowledge we learnt from the 2D bouncing ball tasks and the principles we had taken from the, and learning to apply it in the 3D space.

To start with my animation, I placed a sphere primitive in the editor to be the ball, (and placed down a plane for use as the ground), then moved the ball on the Y-axis and added a key, I then move the ball down every couple of frames to key so that the bounce will look realistic when being played back to you.


To edit the bounce further, you can fix the arcs in the animation graph, and I made the bounce more realistic by giving them sharper arc endings.


I then worked on apply squash and stretch to make the animation feel more fluid and realistic, though I can now see it did not go as well as intended, but I can see the mistakes I made, this was the final result, rendered with the use of a tool called ‘playblast’

Although I prefer how it turned out in my past exercise, I can definitely see the efficiency in animating with Maya due to the real time calculations (with predictions) while processing to make the transition more realistic.

We also began learning about the usage of ncloths in Maya, which is a dynamic cloth solution that makes use of linked particles to simulate dynamic polygon surfaces. It can be used to simulate fabric due to its flexibility.

We then learned about motion paths and how to connect the model to one using NURBS curves, and it left me with this result.







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