Final – Idents

We were introduced to the idea of ident animations, and how they are used, including popular examples, such as on Channel 4, we were then tasked with finding one that we liked and analysing it.

I’ve decided to write about this ident used on Cartoon Network in 2008, based on one of their more popular shows at the time, ‘Ben 10’.

The font is harsh and loud in appearance, looking more jagged in appearance due to the premise of the ident, this is to match with the show they’re advertising and to make it memorable in that we’ll remember how the transition took place.
In the scene we see the protagonist and his ‘omnitrix’ which is a watch that allows him to transform into a variety of aliens, he’s scrolling through them to find a new icon represented as ‘?’. Making both the actor and audience question this, he selects it and thus begins the transformation into the logo, as if it were one of the aliens from the show, and as most viewers who had watched the show (especially younger audiences) would enjoy the concept and unique designs of the aliens, linking the channel with this opinion.

The colours in the beginning are warm and homely, giving the idea that the channel is a nice place to stay, with a green glow being emitted before the entire shot becomes flooded with green, representing the alien themes of the show, the logo is white and black and is the center of attention of this shot, as it is two contrasting shades, making it more noticeable by the audience, therefore more memorable. The sounds also help create this idea, with the obscure technology sound effects, and then brings the piece together with part of the show’s intro theme playing.

Overall I liked this ident a lot, and feel it represented the channel well, especially with the colours, expect a place you can stay and make yourself at home, along with unique qualities and a place to expect new things, no matter how bizarre or uncoventional, which is what the channel itself has strived for since the beginning.



Making our own ident:

We were then later tasked with the project of creating our very own ident intended for the people behind our course, NEXTGEN Skills Academy.

I started with the storyboard:img001.jpg

This was the original idea, but some changes were made in the final version due to system limitations and time constraints, but the main idea was for someone to be walking past a maze, and noticing Pac-Man, only to run away from them, turning the scene into a maze like the ones found in the game of the same name.


This is the shotlist I made above to detail the shots that I would need. As you can see they all take place in the greenroom we have available at our college.


And as a result, these were the risks I had to keep in mind when filming to make sure no casualties or issues will take place.


And this was the lighting plan we used to decide on where the lights and camera placement will be.



I started by modelling the main character that would be used as the main character of the animation part of the ident, I first started modelling it with the use of a picture plane, and extruding and beveling a two cube primitives.


I then UV’ed the model, starting with putting it into automatic to break down the pieces and started stitching the pieces together, ready to texture.


To create the texture, I used a gradient tool to create the effect of the logo, and cropped out the shape of the ‘n’. I then did the same for the ‘g’ and coloured the sides grey.


This being the final result, and ready to be applied to the model.


This was the finished result.


I then modelled the maze using the picture plane of one to resemble one from Pac-Man, I created this with cube primitives and extrusion tools, and coloured it with the in-software texture generation.


I then began editing the footage, first with keying the green screen, and then adding a background and applied 3D integration.


I then added Pac-Man in applied a motion path, along with the pellets to bounce on the scene, with motion blur added to make it appear more natural.



For the second shot, I wanted to track the NG logo onto the actors shirt for an attempt at foreshadowing what will happen.


This task proved quite difficult as not much contrast was available on the shirt, but the path I created did its job well.

Then for the 3rd shot, I zoomed into the eye, as part of the transition into the game.

I then animated the NG moving through the maze and to the center, stopping with applied squash and stretch.





After I rendered all the footage, and put them together in Premier, along with a loading screen and end frame, and then added sound effects to the product.

This was the final result:



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