Cut-out Animation (KICK)

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a cut-out animation using a word given to us by our lecturer, our group (comprised of me, Oliver, Steve and Josh).
We were given the word ‘Kick’.

The principles used in the making of this include;
– Staging
– Squash and Stretch
– Timing
– Slow in and slow out
– Arcs

Before creating the assets for the animation, we wanted to see how smoothly what we had played in motion, we had Oli photograph each frame and use ‘Dragonframe’ (software often used for stop-motion) once satisfied with the final result, we began cutting out the letters and coloured them in black with a white background. Amount of physical frames used in the animation: 45

Animation (Illustration):

Animation (Cut-out):

We could not use the rostrum available at college due to it being overbooked, so we made use of a makeshift one at home, some members believed this was much more beneficial as they could use the software they were used to and for them to onion-skin each frame.


I am more than satisfied with how our animation turned out and am proud of member’s efforts in the making of the short, I especially like the squash and stretch used on the first ‘K’ as it jumps.


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