Week 6: Colour Theory

Wednesday 9th November 2016:


Colour Theory:


This piece of art is by Gina De Gorna and is called Bound Of Glory (if you’d like to purchase a print, their website is here). The image below depicts a sunset made up from warm colours, of which are analogous.


Analogous Colour Scheme: Analogous color schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and create serene and comfortable designs.



Why would an analogous colour scheme be used?: Using analogous colour schemes can create a natural harmony in your piece which is great for depicting elements of nature due to how close to each other the colours are on the colour wheel.




This piece of art is called ‘Alley by the Lake’ by Leonid Afremov, it is a palette knife oil painting made up both warm and cold colours together depicting a couple walking down by the river. (If you’d like to purchase a print of the piece or view their other art, click here.)


Triadic Colour Scheme: Triadic colour schemes use colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel. Due to the contrast between colours, the result tends to be quite vibrant, even if the hues are paler.


tri 2.png

Why would a triadic colour scheme be used?: Due to the vibrant image this colour scheme creates, it looks unrealistic. It would be better suited for abstract paintings and concept art.


tri 4.png


This is a photograph used to depict the use of the complementary colour scheme. It shows an orange bell pepper on a cyan plate, both colours cancelling each other out. (Picture found here.)


Complementary Colour Schemes: Complemantary colour schemes use colours that are opposite eachother on the colour wheel. It must be managed well for it to not be too jarring, especially at high saturations.

comp 1.png

comp 2.png

Why would a complementary colour scheme be used?: The contrast between the colours and are great for making things stand out as long as you use the colours correctly, otherwise it can become jarring. A good example of complementary colour useage is during Christmas,as most things are styled with the red and green colour palette.




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