Week 1: Still-Life

Week 1untitled-2

Wednesday 28th September:


Today we were introduced to our new unit Art Fundamentals, where our teacher started us off by showing us concept art or storyboards used in the pre-production stage of multiple finished products from various sections of the industry. Examples that I can recall being ‘The Last Of Us’, ‘Fallout 3’ and ‘Finding Dory’. I found this to be enjoyable since I love observing the pre-production for a game or animation I am fond of, seeing how the ideas came together to create what was given to us.

We were then introduced to our first topic, ‘Still-Life’, of which is where you would draw or paint an arrangement of objects. As a class we brought multiple random objects to the tables in the middle of the class, so we could proceed to blind draw the arrangements, which is where we draw the object while never looking down at your canvas. After a few attempts, we were taught about the sighting method to help us have better understanding of the proportions of the object before translating them onto the canvas.


We were assigned to create some still-life sketches in our own time of an object that you’d find on your journey to or from college, and draw one full-size drawing with detail on A4, and 4 smaller drawings of the object in various perspectives. The object I have chosen was my plush toy of a character from the AdultSwim show Rick and Morty, which one of my siblings must have brought into the car.

Not proud of how this turned out. I have little experience in gradation, but hope to have more practice with the skill. Whenever I have the time I will redraw the full-size drawing and upload it to this blog to see if any notable progression has been made.



img007 (1)





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